Friday, May 26, 2006

Excellent IPO

WANTED: Investment partner(s) for long-term growth project.
WORKING TITLE: Incredible Parental Obligation (IPO) for Daughter's Braces
Attractive investment in high-precision metalware with excellent long-term growth prospects. Some unruliness expected in short-term. No known enviromental issues despite regular emissions of effluents and some noise pollution. Primary investor is willing to share administrative authority, especially in short-term. Investors interested in this project may also be invited to participate in future investment opportunities, including Daughter's College Tuition and Wedding Reception.


Ian A. said...

She looks so very happy to have braces! I guess reminding her that she'll appreciate it in the future doesn't work.

Jonathan Benda said...

Holy cow, man! She's actually willing to be photographed with her mouth open after getting braces?! You are a lot luckier than my parents were...

Patrick said...

Braces for the kids: a middle class rite of passage. You made it, bro! ha... I am hot on your heels. I ahave another 10 years to make sure my kids' teeth grow nice and crooked. I wouldn't want to miss out.
BTW, how much is a share in IPO? I could buy a few. I'll take dividend payments in the form of baby-sitting hours.

Ed en Vadrouille said...

Any idea what kind of price does an anverage sets of brace run in taiwan?
I was told it is specially expensive.