Friday, May 19, 2006

Corss-language Jokes

One trend of noticed of late -- probably years behind, knowing me -- is jokes that require the listener to have some understanding of English and Chinese. My students have forwarded me several, and I saw this one at McDonald's the other day in the bathroom (lots of restaurants now post jokes above the urinals)...

[Chinese]A manager at a large company does some research and discovers a possible business opportunity in Europe. He makes a report and has his secretary forward the report to the big boss. The boss is happy with the report, so he asks for permission to fly to Europe and explore the opportunity. The big boss sends back [English]"Go ahead!" [Chinese]The manager puts in the request for tickets and makes his plans.

[Chinese] The appointed day comes and he astonished to find that no tickets were purchased. "Why are there no tickets?" he asks the secretary. "Tickets? What are you doing?" "I'm going to Europe!" replies the manager. "The big boss told me to [English] 'Go ahead.'" "What? You've been here how long, and you don't know how bad the big boss' English is? When he said [English] 'Go ahead.' he meant chu ni ge tou."


Anonymous said...


willy said...

go head means....豬你個頭?

Don't get this one michael.

Michelin L.W.Y said...


willy said...

ahhhhh..... didn't think of it.

真是去我個豬頭..... :P

Anonymous said...

去你個頭 = no way, that's bullshit, or oh yeah, when pig do fly in the air (in a sarcastic way)!!

Oh yeah, the great one, teach them all those proper academic (pee-wee herman) English!!