Thursday, May 25, 2006

June Swenson's Meetup

Jerome Keating sends around the following:


To all,
We will have our June meeting for breakfast as Swensen's again--same venue as the last couple of times [MT: ADDRESS 9:30 am at the same place as last month; Swensen's #81 Keelung Rd. Sec. 2, Taipei.]. Saturday June 3rd. 9:30 am
Our speaker will be Avron A. Boretz

Assistant Professor, Department of Asian Studies, University of Texas at Austin (since 1998), where he teaches courses that focus on Chinese and Taiwanese society, religion, culture in general, and history

As a Texan, I will vouch for UT Austin as one of the top schools in the State--however any Texas Aggies will differ on that point (State joke)

Avron has his Ph.D. Cornell University (Anthropology) 1996; MA, Chinese Intellectual History, University of Chicago 1984

He first came to Taiwan as a student (Stanford Center) 1982-84; altogether has spent about 8 years here, much of that doing participant-observation fieldwork, mostly in Taidong (3+ years), Taizhong, and Taipei. Currently (since September 2004) Fulbright Research Fellow and Visiting Fellow, Institute of Ethnology, Academia Sinica.

His research interests include Taiwanese and Chinese folk religion; secret societies and martial arts associations; ritual and social violence; and the social and cultural aspects of Taiwan’s “shadow economy.”

If you can't find anything in the above that interests you, then you don't belong in Taiwan!!

Talk Topic: “How and why violence and manhood have historically been (and continue to be) linked in Taiwanese working-class society”

And you thought it was only in the Legislature.

Looks like a great topic, hope to see you there,



Jerome said...


Good to see you back on line. I will take the bird photo as symbollic--you could not find a phoenix to capture but . . .

thumper said...


Are the Swenson's meet-ups open to the public? I've been hearing about them for a while, and I'd to attend the one this Saturday if possible.



Michael Turton said...

Sure. Welcome

Clarice said...

Hi Michael,

Everything looks so good!