Friday, May 12, 2006

Ryan Whelan needs YOU for political attitude survey

Ryan Whelan at Taipei Nights is doing a survey of political attitudes of local students. He needs your help.

I could use a favour from folks here in Taiwan. I'm currently conducting some research into the political views of Taiwanese youth. An element of this research is a fairly simple, short (ie. 1 double-sided page, 1-2 minute) survey. I haven't got much in the way of funding so I'm hoping some kind individuals will help me with my data collection. What I need are people around Taiwan who have access to youths (18-30). I'll mail you a suitable number of surveys and some stamps for return postage and you can get your friends/students/whomever to fill them out and then return them to me.
The whole request is on his blog.

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sample said...

The link for He needs your help.
is no more working, please send in the correct one!

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