Saturday, May 13, 2006

The Many Moods of Taichung

Storm over Taichung
For one reason or another I spend quite a bit of time in places overlooking Taichung, giving me plenty of chances to search for that ultimate photograph of the California of Taiwan. With the first big typhoon of the season on its way today, I thought I'd take a look at the many moods of Taichung.

After the rain -- the southern part of Taichung county

Expressways and smokestacks between Taichung and Changhua

Murky skies over the city

Looking north over Wufeng, Dali, and Taiping

Tatu Mountain looms over the southwest side of Taichung

Populated areas come to a halt at steep mountain slopes

Looking toward the old downtown

Looking west toward the sea

Rice paddies abut the city

Mad crowding compelled by Taiwan's mad land use laws on display

Looking north toward the city

Buildings lit up in the morning sun

A closeup of the above

Mountain communities outside the city

Skyline over rice fields

Looking west over Tanzi, just north of Taichung

Clear skies over the city

Looking southwest toward the old downtown

Factories and warehouses north of Taichung

City, sky, smog

Tanzi and the area north of the city

Northern Taichung

The setting sun obscures northern Taichung


A sunbeam lights up the city


Jason said...

Goddammit, Michael, you went and made me "homesick" again.

Anonymous said...

How is Taichung the California of Taiwan? I always thought that designation goes to Hualien, which like CA, is the "latter" coast. Throw in the earthquakes, scenery, Pacific ocean, etc ...

Paul Noble said...

Beautiful pictures man.

I was wondering one thing though. You've mentioned the insane land use laws before. I'd be interested to know what it is that they say. So erm... what do they say?