Saturday, May 27, 2006

Nelson Report: Chen Screws up Again

The Nelson Report says that President Chen sent a five page letter to President Bush...

While officials directly involved refused comment on the letter, other sources confirm that it contained Chen's personal explanation of the New Years Day speech which caused a furor over his proposed abolition of the National Unification Council. Poignantly, Chen is said to have noted that it was unfortunate the two presidents could not meet to discuss the situation face-to-face.

Unfortunately, Chen still hasn't gotten the point:

We also reported that high officials at State were warning Chen that the results of these discussions would influence the disposition of any transit visa request he might make to attend the inauguration, in May, of Costa Rica's of the three dozen nations extending official recognition to The Republic of China.

Sources say that Chen's March letter did not address the "four noes" concerns.

It's not difficult to make US officials happy -- simply promise to not to do anything that would upset things in the Straits, and let them know ahead of time of any major diplomatic moves. Instead of building trust by addressing US concerns, Chen is fostering distrust. Fortunately US officials have consistently stated that Chen is merely a passing problem and will not affect fundamentally good US-Taiwan relations.

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Jerome said...


I will disagree on this one; if you examine the U.S. position from post World War II on it has been, "Just trust us, we will take care of everything." As a result they have given Taiwan the shaft from the San Francisco Treaty on down past the Shanghai Communique to the present.

The problems in the Straits have been created more by the US wanting to keep things vague, allegedly to give them operating room but in reality allowing the PRC to gradually chip away at their position and compromise them.

The U.S. consitently takes a hegemonic position and then wonders why the rest of the world does not agree with it; its only reaction is to criticize those that don't.

Ask yourself the basic question, why is it that Taiwan is the only one that has to state four noes etc. Have you every seen the PRC give any noes? (like no more missiles etc.) the US? in any way that would give Taiwan confidence that the farm is not being gradually given away.

The U.S. has allowed itself to become the PRC's policeman without even realizing it.

I'll write more on this after I pay my taxes.