Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Annexation/Status Quo/Independence Polling Data over Time

ESWN has a pointer to this graph showing different polls on independence and annexation. The graph is not shown in its entirety on the page, so you have to download it or display in a separate window to see it all.


Michael Turton said...

I have removed the previous posts. Ed, please do not mention this topic again.


Ed en Vadrouille said...

Sorry Michael!
I did not imagine this could disturb in any way.
It was more of a good news to me than anything, specially since I happen to be in a similar situation.

Anonymous said...

The chart is titled in simpliefied characters. can't trust chinese stats.

Michael Turton said...

Internal politics at my job, Ed. Good news has to be properly timed....sorry, man.


Echo said...


Should have used this plot:


It is not only 2-surveys more updated, but also (and more importantly), it's the official one.

The hanzi version is here:


Echo said...

Besides, the post you quoted, the author didn't provide reference, making people think that he did all the hard work. For this reason alone, we shouldn't help promote it.