Sunday, February 26, 2006

Weekend Doings

Another relaxing weekend, the last one for several months, I anticipate.

Thursday I ran into old students Dennis (my left) and Eric (my right) on campus. I hadn't seen Eric in two years. Like so many Taiwanese Eric is off to China to work, managing some kind of supply company, and Dennis works for a biotech firm. It's always wonderful to see old students, and watch them grow into friends.

Friday did another round of Axis and Allies. Did pretty well, but who can defeat the awesome Karl Smith?

Saturday and Sunday I stayed home to do editing and translation work. I'm trying to save money because my parents are visiting this summer. Nevertheless, I did get a chance to do some hiking in Ta-ken Scenic Area.

It looks like I really don't need more macro....

I treasure all my good shots of butterflies, since they are so difficult to get.

Originally I had hoped to get some shots of Taichung for a panorama, but despite the rain in the morning the city was smogged in as usual.

My daughter snapped this pic of me

What is life without spider pics?

Resting by the trailside.

The sign at the foot of the trail says not to release wild animals here! Although domestic animals may be dropped off as you please. In fact, our neighborhood, with the large scenic area right behind and numerous large yards, is where many people dump animals they don't want. No doubt the local government was trying to put a stop to that.

We bought some pineapple at the bottom of the trail.

Mother and daughter look forward to some sweet juicy pineapple.

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