Monday, February 13, 2006

Taiwan-India Cooperation Council Founded

I'm always saying that Taiwan needs to move closer to India, and it is.

The Taiwan-India Cooperation Council (TICC), a private organization with participation from businesses, the government and academics, was established yesterday in Taipei, with Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Chair-man Yu Shyi-kun elected as its first chairman.

The council aims to act as a bridge to promote economic exchanges and broader cooperation on bilateral interests between Taiwan and India.

Yu said that the council's founding grows out of the government's "Go South" policy, which was proposed during Yu's tenure as premier.

The policy emphasizes India as an ideal investment destination for Taiwanese businesses and as a way to decrease their reliance on the China market alone.

"India is seen as having the best potential among the four golden `BRIC' [Brazil, Russia, India and China] countries. Besides, Taiwan and India's collaboration in software and hardware and India's overall economic takeoff will provide even more opportunities for Taiwan-India economic and trade cooperation," Yu said.

Good to see this....


MJ Klein said...

Michael, as you know, i have been shifting towards Thailand and away from China. personally, i do not trust Indians based on experiences i have had to date. many companies that i work with in Taiwan will not do business with India either. i'm not sure what the attraction is, but Thailand is absolutely an excellent choice for development (IMO). i need to learn more about what is going on in India.

damania said...

I am an Indian and wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Michael's distrust of Indians.

There are some good ones though and those are the ones everyone need to do business with

Anonymous said...

I am an Indian from India. IMO, India is not (yes NOT) keen to do business w/ Taiwan. It values the relationship w/ China more than that w/ Taiwan. In terms of Bi-lat trade, our trade w/ china is 15 times bigger than that w/ Taiwan.