Friday, February 03, 2006

Asiapundit: Has Turton become a CCP Stooge?

Asiapundit discovers some odd gaps in CCP censorship in

AsiaPundit is enjoying the holiday today and was not going to blog. However, this keen tool -- pointed out by Rebecca -- is really fun to play with. You can search and at the same time. From it, AsiaPundit discovered that does not censor search results for "Hu Jintao is a wanker."......


Anonymous said...

Ah I can see it now, the budding resemblance to Bozo Joe Bosco lol

To get any of his type of credibility though, you will need to overemphasize any modest accomplishments as if they meant something important hee hee.

Jason said...

...and then tie it all to the OJ Simpson trial.

Anonymous said...

if you type in in Taiwan, what comes up is ....well, try it and see. what comes up is, automatically.


Anonymous said...

amazing tool

when i typed in "michael turton" into the search window of, not one item comes out, zero, zilch.

when i did same thing on search, there were 11,oo results listed, including this blog.

do michael turton is persona non grata in China? really?

try it! amazing tool.

Anonymous said...

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找不到和您的查询 ""michael turton"" 相符的网页。



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Anonymous said...

michael turton believes in self-evident truths, which are hard to find. CCP offers none. KMT, not many. DPP, maybe once upon a time. Now? I say, look out your window and pray to the sunshine. It's secure, more secure than anything else, at least at that moment. michael, this post is in your favor. your blog rules. it should preemt the 3 english language dailies in taiwan.