Saturday, February 25, 2006

Pan-Blues Threaten to Recall Chen if NUC is Abolished

Taiwan News reports that the Pan-Blues are threatening to recall Chen if the President abolishes the defunct National Unification Council.

Seeking to prevent President Chen Shui-bian (陳水扁) from scrapping the National Unification Council and guidelines, opposition parties yesterday threatened to adjourn the Legislature indefinitely and mount a recall campaign if Chen should take steps to upset the cross-strait status quo.

The largest opposition Kuomintang said its lawmakers and People First Party allies plan to introduce a motion to condemn Chen for his proposal to abolish the Council and its guidelines that set a three-stage timetable for unification between Taiwan and China.

To demonstrate their displeasure over the matter, KMT lawmakers said they will seek to place the censure motion on the legislative agenda when the Legislature's Procedures Committee meets today.

For its part, the PFP legislative caucus demanded that Chen brief the Legislature on his plan to scrap the NUC, which has existed in name only since the transfer of power in May 2000. Chen has not appointed any NUC members or convened the council whose nominal existence has riled pro-independence groups.

Hmmm.....the furor over this useless relic of a bygone age has gotten completely out of hand. It is reaching the point where Chen will not have any face-saving way to back down, and thus will be forced to go through with it. Some deft diplomacy is needed on the part of the DPP.

Meanwhile the President begged the US to understand what was going on:

President Chen Shui-bian (陳水扁) yesterday indirectly urged the United States to adopt a more understanding attitude on reforms needed for Taiwan's democratic deepening and to "use rational dialogue and cooperation" to overcome differences.

In the wake of reports of differences between Washington and Taipei over the president's proposal to formally abolish the long-dormant National Unification Council and its National Unification Guidelines, Chen made the remarks at the annual "Hsien Nien Fan" or year-end dinner held by the American Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan.

The dinner, held at Taipei's Grand Formosa Regent Hotel, was attended by hundreds of Amcham members and other foreign businesspersons as well as government officials and scholars.

Ma Ying-jeou also weighed in:

Kuomintang Chairman Ma Ying-jeou said yesterday that President Chen Shui-bian should“think twice”before making any more comments that could endanger Taiwan's safety, such as abolishing the National Unification Council and declaring the“1992 consensus”non-existent to visiting officials from the United States.

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