Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Another Good Letter

My Taiwan website also provides a reflection of Taiwan for those who once lived here, and getting letters from them makes me especially happy:

I ran across your web site by accident. I didn't know I would spend hours reading your comments and looking at your pictures. I'll come back for more. Please keep it updated.

I grew up in Taiwan, but I spent the past 24 years in the US. I wish there is a site called "Living in the US" for foreigners like me in the US. Maybe I should start one, when I retire.

I feel home sick. I visit my parent and brother once a year or two. Are there other sites like yours about Taiwan? How about other Asian countries?

Good job and thanks.


Anonymous said...

It's so funny that I've also spent the last 24 years in the US, after leaving Taiwan when I was 11 years old. I feel home sick. Michael's pictures really bring the island back to me. The pictures look very realistic. And the fact that they are not romanticized make these pictures TRUE depiction of the country. When someone asks me what Taiwan looks like, I always show them these pictures. I can almost imagine that I am in the sea of traffic or in the outdoors market.

Maybe all of us old nostalgics can form a group blog!

Thanks MT!

Michael Turton said...

Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

just want to echo the same sentiment. i was born in tw but grew up in the US. i started reading your site the last few months to keep up to date about tw. thanks for all that you are doing.