Monday, August 20, 2007

Bon Voyage, Sepat

Sepat has come and gone, in with fanfare, out with cabfare. Thankfully, it was mostly a matter of rain. As you can see in the pic above, the rivers were vigorous, but by no means full. Lots of crops destroyed and roads washed out, but luckily only one person dead.

On Monday things were slowly creeping back to normal. On the main road the breakfast vendors were out.

In town a few hardy vendors -- or perhaps deeply indebted vendors -- were out there trying to make a buck. But the streets were deserted.

Like I said, the rivers were nowhere near full here in Taichung.

On the streets the flower vendors were still hitting up drivers.

On the way down to Wufeng I snapped this pic of the rescue teams setting up, apparently to pull someone from the river.

The gutters ran with water.

In downtown Taichung things were wet, but not abnormally so.

Down at Chunghsing University the scooters were lined up as neatly as if a typhoon had never come.

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