Friday, September 02, 2005

Talim Pics Redux

Zeb gets drilled.

We went out today to take my son to the dentist, and I took some more pics of the random acts of Talim, even as we wait for Nabi, another supertyphoon hurrying along behind. Luckily damage from Talim was limited to trees and signs, mostly. Taoyuan is largely without good water as the typhoon muddied the water in the Shihmen reservoir, and sadly, six people lost their lives.

Dan-dan and Zeb dress to explore the world the typhoon made.

A car buried under debris.

Trees litter Beitun Rd in Taichung.

Primary school students get education through labor.

Cars line up to go around a blocked lane. Prior to the destruction, a letter writer to the Chinese Liberty Times pointed out that the government had used inexpensive and fast-growing trees to fill in the median strips. However, these trees cannot withstand serious hurricanes.

A downed tree attempts to purchase stamps.

Primary school students master the key art of standing around looking busy.

Taking a break from replanting a tree.

The grounds of the private nursery of Tz Chi, the Buddhist charitable foundation, next to our house. The pic below gives a view of what the same area looks like normally.

Z & C playing at Tz Chi last year.

The grounds of Tz Chi.

Zeb poses amidst the destruction.

Zeb with a downed street light in our neighborhood.

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Sean said...

Hopefully no one was badly hurt in Hurricane...

"Primary school students get education through labor."
LOL. That's what they said(say) in Singapore too!!

"Primary school students master the key art of standing around looking busy."
Something taught brilliantly by rigid school systems and mindless work.Truly an underrated skill in the "modern" era ;)