Thursday, May 27, 2010

UK Intelligence warns on China's Huawei

From the China Reform Monitor:
British intelligence agencies have warned that Beijing could cripple IT-dependent telecom infrastructure and critical services through embedded malware installed by Chinese telecom firms Huawei. In response India’s communication ministry issued warnings to test all Chinese-installed equipment for “trapdoors, black box, and malwares.” London warned that through covert modifications Huawei could compromise systems in ways difficult to detect allowing Beijing to disrupt communications. Huawei is responsible for sweeping and debugging China’s embassies, giving their experts knowledge of telecommunication systems and their weaknesses. The company, founded by a retired senior PLA officer Ren Zhengfei in 1988, also works for the most repressive regimes – it built military projects in Iraq for the Saddam Hussein regime and telecom projects in Afghanistan for the Taliban, The Economic Times of India reports.

[Editor’s Note: The U.S. shares Britain and India’s concerns about Huawei's close connection with the Chinese security establishment. The U.S. government canceled Huawei's 2008 bid to pick up a stake in 3Com due to concerns that the Chinese company could modify equipment and computer software sold to the U.S. military.]
It's not just Huawei, many firms in the financial and electronics industry have tight informal and formal links to the CCP and the State in China. But Taiwan is going to annex its economy to China because its economy needs "saved." Good luck with that......
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amy said...

And Taiwan's own Chunghwa Telecom sees no problem in packaging its mobile 3G service with Huawei devices...sigh.

Anonymous said...

China's methods against Taiwan have become increasingly subtle, sophisticated and insidious over the past 2 decades. It really is a quantum leap - a light year - in advancement.

Anonymous said...

As if China couldn't pay some money and get whatever they want in Taiwan anyways.

Remember the Taiwan military gave their officers cell phones with sequential numbers, too...LOL.