Friday, May 28, 2010

Hot Pot Time

The other day it was hot pot time. Yum. Here we contemplate some golden needle mushrooms.

We stopped by the table at the local market where all sorts of goodies are sold.

You tofu, really great in hot pots.

We don't put these in our hot pots.

A world full of unfamiliar objects.

These were probably dried on someone's sidewalk or pavement.

We don't use these either.

Eggs, bacon, and....

..."salad dressing", or mayo. Because no meal is complete without a healthy dose of mayo squeezed across it.

Five flavor peanuts. I seldom buy peanuts, the bag rarely makes it to the end of the day, my wife and eat them like candy.

This wasn't in our hot pot either.

Mushrooms and.... what?

Meatballs. A must in every hot pot.

Good on the side, but not in the pot.

It's kind of like a supermarket in miniature.

Not for the hot pot.

How would I prepare this? Hmmm....

Stewed eggs, tofu skin spring rolls, and other goodies.

Alas, shellfish are a common illegal import from China in local markets, filled with deadly chemicals. We avoid them.

This kind of soft tofu is really delicious.

Fungus among us.

Good, but not in our hot pot.

Traditional tofu. A staple of our hot pots.

What sauce would be complete without these?

Not for sale!

A watched pot does in fact boil, contrary to popular misconception.
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Unknown said...

lol, Michael, You're starting to use the word "seldom" like a Taiwanese person. Now we know they've got you!

Red Fox said...

Man, I miss the good food. I live in upstate New York and real Taiwanese/Chinese food is hard to come by.