Sunday, May 23, 2010

Chiayi Riding

Had an inspiring ride on Saturday ahead of the monsoon rains down in Chiayi with my friends Drew and Darrn. I think this is the route we took. Our navigation sucked; the red markers represent places where we missed turns, so I am not sure exactly what the route was. Here Drew and Darren converse as we take a break.Click on READ MORE to see more...

The scenery was amazing and grew ever more beautiful as we climbed.

Despite this pic, the grade was easy. Recommended for beginning riders as very doable with work.

Tea plantations in front of stunning views of the west coast plain.

Me with the central mountain range behind.

Tea farms and betel nut plantations.

Women picking tea at 585m near the Zhanghu Elementary school.

A close up.

Tea baskets.

A betel nut stand: nuts and other goodies.

The road goes ever on. I can't wait to get back here to ride more of the lovely roads in this area, just north of Alishan. Drew over at Taiwan in Cycles has a report here.
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Paul said...

That looks like a great ride Michael. Hopefully I can get down there soon and do some riding in the South. It looks to be very beautiful. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

CJB said...

What a strange paradise we live in