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Events -- Willy Lam Talk (11th), Meet up (14th)

(1) Willy Lam talk

講 題: A Closer Look at China's Elite Politics and Foreign Power Projection 【In English】

主講人:Willy Lam (林和立) 教授 (日本教養國際大學 Akita International University, Japan)

主持人:蕭新煌 所長 (中央研究院社會學研究所)

時 間:99年5月11日(星期二)下午2時30分 - 下午4時30分

地 點:中研院人文館南棟社會所802會議室

*The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has started preparations for transition of power from the the Fourth to the Fifth Generation, which will take place at the 18^th Party Congress of 2012. Will the younger corps of leaders be able to tackle growing contradictions within the socio-political fabric – and uphold the CCP’s “perennial ruling-party status” – in the absence of genuine reforms? Have corruption and bureaucratic malaise precipitated a crisis of governance? Can the Fifth- and Sixth-Generation leadership inject new ideas to arrest the decline in the party’s legitimacy and efficacy? For how long can the party rely on its control and security apparatus to bolster its somewhat tattered mandate of heaven? Or is it just that the party-state apparatus has become too big to fail?

Partly due to the fact that nationalism has become the most effective agent of cohesiveness in China, the CCP leadership has been projecting both hard and soft power to strengthen the country’s worldwide clout. What are the traits of China’s quasi-superpower diplomacy? Are the People’s Liberation Army generals getting more say over foreign and security policies? Will the PRC’s growing economic and military prowess feed the “China threat” theory? Will the increasingly adverse competition with the United States in areas including resources, trade – and outer space – affect regional and world stability? These and other questions will be discussed at the lecture and Q&A session.

* *
*With more than 30 years of experience in writing and researching about China, Willy LAM 林和立is a recognized authority on areas including the Chinese Communist Party, elite politics, foreign policy, the People’s Liberation Army, as well as the country’s economic and political reform. Dr Lam has worked in senior editorial positions in international media including Asiaweek newsmagazine, /South China Morning Post/, and the Asia-Pacific Headquarters of CNN.

Since early 2005, Dr Lam has been a Professor of China Studies at Akita International University, Japan (
). He is also an Adjunct Professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (History Department, Center for East Asian Studies, and Asia-Pacific Research Institute); and a Senior Fellow at Jamestown Foundation ( ), a leading foreign-policy think tank in Washington D.C. *

*Dr Lam’s views on China are frequently sought by global media including CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera, ABC, AFP, Bloomberg, Voice of America, and other major publications and electronic media. He holds degrees from the University of Hong Kong (BA); University of Minnesota (MA); and Wuhan University (PhD in political economy). Dr Lam has published six books on China, including /Chinese Politics in the Hu Jintao Era /(M.E. Sharpe, 2006). **


李晏榛 Yen-chen Lee
中央研究院社會學研究所 學術合作秘書
Secretary for Academic Cooperation, Institute of Sociology, Academia Sinica
Address: 128, Sec. 2, Academia Rd, Taipei, TAIWAN
TEL: (02)2652-5078
FAX: (02)2652-5070

(2) Meet up -- Jerome sends around advance notice of the very interesting guest

Second, advance notice about the next Breakfast Club meeting. It will be on Saturday May 14th, 10 am and the topic will be "Who needs WHO? an informal review of what WHO (World Health Organization) is and does."

The speaker will be Dr. Ferdinand Siem Tjam a Medical Doctor from Suriname with a Masters of Public Health Degree in Planning, Organization and Management of Mental Health Services from the Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health, in Baltimore, Maryland.

From 1983 until retiring in 2003, he was a staff member of the World Health Organization Headquarters in Geneva. His main occupation was studying, investigating reporting and advising on the development of health systems and services, with special emphasis on the evolution of hospital services as part of Health Systems Development and Public Health Administration, their management, related hospital technologies, and Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Health Services Delivery.

In parallel he studied wound ballistics, aviation, political and military history, and small arms systems. He holds an Airline Transport Licence and is a CFII (Certified flight Instructor Instruments) and served as a forensic expert to the courts in Suriname. During his career he has periodically taught medicine and traumatology (U. of Suriname) firearms ballistics (Suriname Police Inspectors Academy) private and commercial and jungle flying (Suriname), Public Health (Antwerp, Zagreb, Leeds, Paramaribo).

Jerome will confirm venue etc. later this coming week; this is just to give you some advance notice to help you plan.

Since Taiwan's membership would be both good for the World as well as for Taiwan, this should be an interesting presentation.

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