Thursday, May 06, 2010

FAPA Young Professionals is promoting a Facebook campaign for Taiwanese-American Heritage Week. Change your avatar pic to the TAIWAN IS NOT PART OF CHINA and repost the message on May 9th!


The week of May 9 to 15 is Taiwanese American Heritage Week. During that week, people in the United States celebrate the best of Taiwanese culture in conjunction with the ideals of American freedom and democracy. It is our hope that one day, Taiwan's democracy will be as mature as the United States. Unfortunately, that is not yet the case in Taiwan. Therefore, in an effort to bring attention to Taiwan's need to maintain and grow its democracy so that the people of Taiwan can chart their own course for their own country, we have started a Facebook campaign to bring awareness to this issue. We have created a status message that we hope everyone will post in their Facebook status on Sunday, May 9th.

The status message is as follows:
Taiwan is a free, independent, and democratic country. Taiwan is NOT part of China. Help us tell the world by reposting this message as your status.
We have created a Facebook event for the "Keep Taiwan Free" campaign at:

This Facebook event includes information about Taiwan's current crisis *and* instructions on joining the campaign, so please R.S.V.P "Yes" and invite other interested individuals and organizations! We suggest attaching this link to your Facebook status message and changing
your profile picture to the "Taiwan is not China" logo, this event's Facebook pic. (Detailed instructions can be found on the Facebook event page).

It is our hope that by each recipient of this message initially posting our suggested status message as your Facebook status message on May 9, we can begin a chain reaction effect on Facebook. If we can educate just one person about Taiwan's current situation, we will have been successful.

Please feel free to pass this message along to any person or organization that you believe may be interested in participating in this campaign.

We thank you and Taiwan thanks you.
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