Thursday, March 08, 2007

Shih Ming-te to be Sued Over Red Ant Funds

Even Shih's dupes arrive at reality sooner or later, reports the Taipei Times....

The two men said that they will file a lawsuit against Shih with the Taipei Prosecutor's Office, charging fraud and breach of trust, when the number of people endorsing the move hits their "target number," which was not disclosed.

Expressing their dissatisfaction with Shih and displaying a roll of the more than 200 signatures that they collected, the pair accused Shih of unilaterally deciding to shut down a "red-clad house" near the Presidential Office and of calling his former supporters "homeless" and "villains."

The street demonstrations led by Shih ended late last year, after he collected millions of dollars in donations to finance the protests.

No response was available as of press time from Shih.

All of us who predicted that things would end with squabbles over cash are officially vindicated.

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skiingkow said...

In Taiwan, 3 things are now inevitable...

And pan-blue charades being exposed for what they are.