Friday, March 09, 2007

Daily Links, March 9, 2007

Big News: David from Formosa, one of the island's most popular English bloggers, has launched a new Taiwan Guide in conjunction with Taiwanophile Fili. The links are on his blog. Good luck to ya!
  • Found a new picture blog, Daves Photo Blog

  • Indiac and other commentators lay waste to CNN/AP for its absurd headline that cited Beijing's "scum of the nation" description of Vice President Annette Lu. Indiac's takedown. My own version. Jerome Keating makes known his disgust. What the world would look like if the media was less biased.

  • My Several Worlds is traveling around Taiwan and taking great pics. Currently on the Cross Island Highway.

  • Check out these pics of Taroko Gorge from the 1970s.

  • Portnoy Rounds up comments from Taiwanese bloggers on the name rectification affair. Great work!

  • Scott alerts us to a new e-journal, Taiwan in Comparative Perspective.

  • Taiwan Echo translates articles and comments on the bogus 2-28 ceremony in which victims' families were kept away by the police.

  • That's Impossible! has another good batch of posts on Taiwan politics. Don't miss his remarks on the "new thinking" of a recently announced KMT Chairperson candidate.

  • All the KFC Commercials from Taiwan you could ever want to see
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    What's Up in Taiwan seems to have folded up shop permanently. Too bad. See their wonderful interviews with Daniel Wallace on blogging that discusses where they were coming from -- and don't miss Daniel's insightful comments.

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