Sunday, March 18, 2007

Daily Links, March 18, 2007

What's the good news for today? Taiwan's legislature has a good chance of passing renewable energy legislation. Meanwhile the Taiwan blogosphere is full of energy that gets renewed every day:

  • Wild at Heart on raptor migration in Taiwan. Did you know Kenting is one of the best places in the world to see raptors on the move?

  • Memoirs on a rainy day compares the Hong Kong and Taipei Metros.

  • Tea Masters blogs on the thermal properties of silver teapots.

  • A local English tour guide discusses things to do in Taipei off the beaten track.

  • Enzo ciancia worries about the disappearance of mid-range brands from the local fashion market.

  • That's Impossible! discusses the DPP referendum on KMT assets.

  • The Foreigner says replacing Sun with a potted plant is a bad idea.

  • From the media: Expert Bates Gill argues that China's annexation drive will be peaceful in the medium term. The Economist gives a view on the new Japan-Australia defense links.Johhny Niehu. Danny Bloom writes about my website in the China Post.

    SPECIAL: ESWN has a great post about how Taiwanese bloggers are engaging in activism on the Losheng Sanitorium demolition.


    Alex/金龍 said...

    Fantastic blog, Michael! Thought I'd share the link to mine (most of which is about Taiwan):


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    This is an interesting blog. Would you mind if I link your blog from mine( I'd also like to introduce your blog in overseas Taiwanese student bbs (
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    Michael Turton said...

    Great! Link to anything here you like. This is meant to be a resource everyone can use.