Monday, March 26, 2007

Peter Arnett at Lung Ying-tai

An anonymous poster left this in a comment:


The Legendary War Correspondent
Peter Arnett
Lecture Title:
America at War in Iraq and Vietnam: The Similarities, The Differences

Well known for his covering of war, veteran correspondent Peter Arnett is a synonym of daredevil. Throughout his 40-plus years of news reporting, there is simply nothing ordinary in his diary:

1966 Awarded the Pulitzer Prize for his courageous work in Vietnam
1975 One of the last reporters in Saigon after it fell
1991 Representing CNN, brought exclusive coverage from Baghdad for the 16 initial intense hours of the Gulf War
Obtained an exclusive uncensored interview with Saddam Hussein one week after the start of the war
1995 First western journalist to interview Osama bin Laden
1998 Reprimanded then dismissed by CNN for he reported that the US Army had used sarin against a group of deserting US soliders in Laos in 1970
2003 In Iraq to cover the US invasion but was fired by NBC for granting an interview to state-controlled Iraqi television and commenting that “the first plan of the war has failed”
Dramatically hired by the British newspaper, the Daily Mirror the day after

Moderator: Lung Yingtai
Former Cultural Minister of Taipei City
Professor of National Tsing Hua University

Date & Time: Saturday, 21 April 2007 7:00pm-10:pm
Venue: Zhongshan Hall( No .98 Yenping S. Rd .Taipei)

The Lung Yingtai Cultural Foundaiton Launches

Masterclass by

The Legendary War Correspondent

Peter Arnett

Veteran correspondent Peter Arnett is well known for his covering of wars from Saigon to Bagdad. Besides his notebook and a helmet, what was he armed with? 30 hand-picked “apprentices” will be able to meet him in person and explore the art of being a war correspondent.

Date & Time: 22 April 2007 (Sunday) 2:00 – 5:00 pm

Venue: Yue-han Hall, 10 Jin Hua Street, Taipei

1. Applicants should be students attending high schools, universities or graduate schools.
2. Please mail your resume with a statement expressing your views on the Gulf War within 300 words to the Lung Yingtai Cultural Foundation, 2/F., 110 Jin Hua Street, Taipei or by email on or before 10 April 2007.
3. 30 short-listed applicants will be notified before 15 April 2007.
4. Short-listed applicants must submit a report in 1,000 words and a summary in 100 words after the completion of the masterclass. Both articles will be used by the Lung Yingtai Foundation for educational and promotional purposes.

å ±å Registration


Online registration is here.

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Anonymous said...

"Views on the Iraq war"??

How does one qualify for a master class, then? By supporting the war, opposing it or just waxing lyrical?

The whole thing sounds just a little dodgy. A bit like Lung Ying-tai herself.