Sunday, April 16, 2006

Taichung Chili Cook Off

Karl posts on the First Annual Chili Cook Off in Taichung:

I like Chili, but don't know much about cooking it. Somebody send me a killer Chili recipe that I can use for the cookoff. If I use it and win the prize for best Chili, I promise that I will take full credit myself, claiming that the recipe has been in my family for generations. And none of that nuclear fire throat blistering stuff either. The cookoff is on Saturday, and I'd like to still be able to taste food at AJ's wedding on Sunday.
This Saturday, 22 April! More info on Karl's site.

Frankly, after eating Karl's chili on Saturday I doubt anyone will be able to eat at AJ's wedding on Sunday.

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Chaon said...

I'm not sure how the chili will work out, but my cajun gumbo kicks ass. If I can do a good gumbo, how hard can chili be?