Thursday, April 20, 2006

Blues Society of Taipei Wants YOU!

Jerome F. Keating passed this along to me:


Hello, BSoT members,

We're writing again to inform you that the BSoT is applying to the city of Taipei to become a registered cultural society. We hope to qualify for financial support and other benefits and considerations such as being able to use certain city facilities (theaters, event centers, etc).

We need your help.

We must register at least 30 people who live or work in the city of Taipei to complete the application. We need the following information before May 1st:

1. name
2. gender
3. birthday
4. ID-number
5. occupation / job
6. highest level of schooling or university or academic degree 7. telephone number 8. address (of home or business in Taipei) street house # district apartment / floor 9. a copy of ID-card or ARC (scanned or photocopied)
Please send the info and scan of ID card or ARC to this email address or by regular mail to:
Chung Hsiao East Road, section 4,
lane 170, alley 6, #4, 5F
Taipei, 106, Taiwan
This information is private and confidential and will only be used to complete this application process. We hope that you help us out in this matter.
Best Regards,
DC Rapier

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