Thursday, April 20, 2006

Chinatowns in Solomons Attacked

Apparently the struggle between Taiwan and China in the Pacific is feeding rioting there....

TONY EASTLEY: Walter Nalangu, these businesses that were targeted, they were predominantly Chinese?

WALTER NALANGU: That's correct. Most of the… all of the buildings that were burnt are buildings housing shops and businesses belonging to Chinese businessmen.

TONY EASTLEY: And this is because of the apparent links or perceived links between Snyder Rini and Taiwanese business people?

WALTER NALANGU: Those were the allegations that were made, you know, by the shouting crowd after the election of the former Deputy Prime Minister to the post of Prime Minister.

Yesterday they were saying that there were some links or support from Chinese businesses in putting the Government to power.

More here and here. This idiotic competition has to stop...(hat tip to zhuanjia posting at Peking Duck)


Anonymous said...

Sigh... so sad. Can the Taiwan government please get a clue and stop maintaining these 25 diplomatic "allies" just so people at the top can feel good? If you're for human rights, then fucking stop this shit Normally, I'd blame China, but it's clear what a decision by Taiwan to unilaterally end this race would do--it would mean Taiwan taxpayers would save a shitload of money, there would be no change at the UN/WHO/etc., and there would be much less corruption among these countries. It's all upside.

Anonymous said...

So, james, are you suggesting that Taiwan government should just let go of the diplomatic effort and maybe in 2 years or so observe the number of Taiwan's official ally states go down to zero?

The diplomatic skills of Taiwan government might not be good enough (thanks to the people KMT left in the diplomatic system), but, their efforts to prevent Taiwan from sinking into the sea of China's power should be appreciated. In reality --- considering the diplomatic situation and what Taiwan has in hand --- Taiwanese government really doesn't have many options. It's just unfair to overlook all those difficulties and possible outcomes (if Taiwan let go) but only point finger instead.

Besides, when should a help provider be responsible for how the receiver make use of the help?