Monday, April 10, 2006

Forumosa Gets Moderator Upgrade

"...Wishing to punch his Pimply Face, and Thinking you Shirriffs look a lot of Tom-fools."

Word has reached my shell-like ears that there's a new Sheriff in town in the Taiwan Politics Forums at
Taiwan Politics
Topics related to Taiwan and Taiwan/China issues can be discussed here. Threads dealing with Taiwan's history belong in the Culture & History thread. Please do not post articles - use links instead. Quoted sources should be limited to one paragraph in length, or less.
Moderators cranky laowai, Feiren, Chaon, TheGingerMan
No, you're not going insane. You did see that name there: CHAON. That is the self-described Cybernetic Handcrafted Android Optimized for Nullification:

Although, myself, I think it is just a Cryptically Humorous Androgynous Overbearing Nerd. According to rumor, when offered the job, he was struck dumb for almost a second. When not dressed in his Terminator body armor, CHAON looks like this:

Kudos to Maoman for making a very fine moderator selection, and for having the courage and open mind to appoint a critic of this important Taiwan expat forum to the forum management. Looking forward to great things in the Taiwan Politics Forum.....where I'll be posting shortly, just to make sure that Chaon has the required amount of headaches....


Anonymous said...

Gonna un-ignore all your favourite mods and admins now Chaon?

Heheh, just yankin' yer chain...!

ignore on Flickr

Chaon said...

The un-ignore process was fairly long and tedious, in that I had used both the Forumosa ignore function and the Phpbb user hide. Probably twenty or so people ignored one way or the other.

The Phpbb add-on *still* doesn't want to let me see ac_dropout's posts, and I'm having to click to view each one.

Anonymous said...

:lol: Even your computer is allergic to stupidity.