Sunday, April 02, 2006

Jen at London Calling Copied by Taipei Times?

I've rounded this up in the upcoming Sunday Round Up, but it deserves a post of its own. There have been some cases of the mainstream media stealing from bloggers in the US. Did Jen turn one up here? It seems pretty close:

Jen said, "...Regrettably, I think some of the news crew may well enjoy a promising career in producing the Taiwan version of American idols, if they decide not to follow the political beat." --> implying that the political news in Taiwan were presented like entertainment news.

Taipei Times said, "... magnification of Ma, ... into a myth, and the migration of the country's political scene into the realm of the entertainment sector."
Jen said, "...While behaving unsophisticated is one thing, acting completely stupid is really way over the limit a TV audience can bear."

Taipei Times said, "... Behaving unprofessionally is one thing, but acting like groupies oversteps the limit."

Go read the whole thing. I sure hope this isn't what it looks like......

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