Friday, April 21, 2006

Dear Michael:

Quite a few people write asking for some kind of advice for their love lives. Males over 40 are the largest source of such letters:

I am interested in teaching in Taiwan and have two degrees, ______ from _____ University plus various management courses over the years.

1. Once I teach English for awhile and learn Mandarin, can I possibly switch and teach math or science or materials science?
2. Are older or retired teachers allowed to teach in Taiwan?
3. I have allergies, so how many pollen seasons do you have there?
4. Can I marry into a Chinese Christian family?
5. The Taiwan Government has lowered the Expats available working hours per week recently to 35 hours. What is going on?

Any answers would be of help to my planning. I love adventure and would love to live in Taiwan.

Of course, there's no way to know the answers to those questions about love. I know men in their 50s who live lonely lives bereft of feminine company, and I know men in their 50s who married women 30 years younger than they are.


MJ Klein said...

Michael, just tell those guys to go to Thailand. there are hundreds of thousands of women there ready to pounce on any foreign male, no matter how old, fat or bald.

Anonymous said...

Interesting the opinion of mj klein, I'm a Taiwanes I feel funny about those guys' questions, I never know some foreigners have those special questions.