Tuesday, April 04, 2006

City of Swallows Art Exhibition

Mark Harrison alerted me to this interesting art exhibition in Taipei, City of Swallows.

City of Swallows is a contemporary art exhibition. It connects several sites on Chung-shan North Road which are loaded with traces of migration, post/colonial histories and cultural memories. The exhibition attempts to represent and reflect on the demographic, social and cultural changes made by recent influx of immigrants, the interaction between the historical settlers and the new immigrants; how they look at each other, and how the social and cultural changes brought by all immigrants are producing a rich and diverse new Taiwan colour. The exhibition invites eight excellent artists from Taiwan and Hong Kong who have been concerned with social and cultural development on global scale. From the perspective of visual art, film-making or architecture and town planning, their art responds to the phenomenon of recent migration and multi-layered post/colonial histories formulated in the past.

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