Saturday, April 29, 2006

Contest: Tell a Good Taiwan Tale, Win a Prize

Just got this in the mail:


Call for Stories
Are you crazy about Taiwan’s culture and can’t stop loving Taiwan? How do you love this island? Are you a Taiwanophile?

If you love Taiwan so much and you want to tell your story as a Taiwan fan, please write down your story in Traditional Chinese, Taiwanese, English or Japanese and mail it to us.

The article which was voted to be top 3 will be awarded a series of “A HISTORY OF TAIWAN IN COMICS” 《漫畫台灣史》(10 volumes), Taiwanese-Red sugar jug (Hakka designed, NT. 2000 ) …etc.
Please see

How to participate?
Duration: 20th April- 20th May Date for Vote: 21st-27th May Words limit: not less than 200 Chinese, Taiwanese, English or Japanese words


UPDATE: Word limit changed. The conference will held on 29, May to 30, May in National Library which is near C.K.S. Memorial Hall. They add: "Now we have more than 120 applications in only 3 days and will stop to receive applications when the number of application reaches 250. Please download the application form from the website and send us your application as soon as possible." An English website is expected soon.


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