Saturday, April 29, 2006

New Articles at Japan Focus

There's nothing on Taiwan, but there is the usual collection of Japan and China stuff...including the Michael Klare article I talked about briefly last week (Klare: Containing China: The US's real objective).

April 28, 2006

This week in Japan and the Asia Pacific

From: mark selden


The following new articles were posted this week at Japan Focus.

Michael T. Klare, Target China: The Emerging US-China Conflict

MK Bhadrakumar, China and Russia Welcome Iran, India, Pakistan and Mongolia into Shanghai Cooperation Organization

Pervez Hoodbhoy, US-India Nuclear Deal Fuels an Asian Arms Race

The Chua Hearn Yuit and Yeo Lay Hwee, Demise of the NPT: New Players in the Proliferation Game

Alexis Dudden, US Congressional Resolution Calls on Japan to Accept Responsibility for Wartime Comfort Women

Wakamiya Yoshibumi, 'The Law of next year' in Japanese politics

Hirano Chizu, In Love and War: Memories of the Battle of Okinawa

This week features a series of articles on mounting tensions in East Asia centered on US-China conflict and the reverberations and regional reconcfigurations that follow from it. Michael Klare provides an overview of the transformation of US security parameters to target China as the sole future challenge to American hegemony; M K Bhadrakumar looks at the Chinese and Soviet attempt to create an expanding regional alliance including Iran and India among others in a bid to neutralize growing US power in Central Asia; Pervez Hoodbhoy examines the US-India nuclear deal with an eye to the consequences of a new arms race and the American calculus of the China threat. Alexis Dudden introduces a US Congressional Resolution calling for Japan to belatedly accept
responsibility for its enslavement of the comfort women. Wakamiya Yoshibumi reflects on 'the law of next year in Japanese politics'. Hirano Chizu relates a love story in the midst of the Battle of Okinawa.

You can find these and other articles on contemporary Japan and the Asia Pacific at

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