Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Technorati Tag Post

I've created this as an updatable list of Technorati tags I've used here so I can grab them quickly without laborious typing.


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Tarka said...

Hi Michael,

thanks for the comment, i've checked out your page briefly, it looks like you have quite a lot of information there....

what sort of thing were you thinking of? rather ... what do you mean by 'features'... the geology of the island, and specifically the feedback between tectonics and geomorphology is quite complicated so i'm curious as to what aspect of the island's history you want to know more about...

I'd be happy to post some more technical info about what i do, at the same time i can't go into too much detail since i'm not even close to publishing my work yet and i don't want to give it away too soon ;)

thanks again for the feedback, and let me know what you had in mind.