Tuesday, June 21, 2005


The Ugly Expat offered a link to this fantastic program, Autostitch, that creates panoramas easily and automatically. Below is a link to a panorama of Taichung I shot from Chaoyang University in Wufeng, looking north to Taichung (full size 8.5 MB). Autostitch created this from eight different images. All I did was tell the program which files I wanted stitched, it did the rest. The results are top-flight, folks. Autostitch is free as a demo for the nonce, so grab it while it's still hot.

Pic here (2.5 MB)


Jason said...

Crap...no love for the Mac user.
I tried to find my old place in Nantun (a "foreign ghetto" apt. building right off of Wen Hsin Rd. and Wu Chuan West Rd) but couldn't...maybe they've built the place up in the 2 years since.
Great pic, though. I hope someone will be able to stitch together a panorama from the top of 大尖山 in 墾丁 soon!

Red A said...

I think I've played poker there....does a guy named AJ live there?