Saturday, June 11, 2005

More from the letterbox: I wanna hold your hand....

Gettin' some fun letters lately.


I just finished my MA. Can teach at a univ there?

Not to be outdone for curtness, I wrote back.


That provoked this spasm of eloquence


so what do I do to teach there? Show up?

...which prompted me to direct him to my university pages. Moral of the story: folks, please write with specific questions, you know, ones that haven't already been answered on my website.


Mickey said...

In the spirit of snarkiness.... if someone can't read the RED sentence, "I don't provide jobs" on your site, their English-teaching career is going to be short-lived anyway. LOL.

Johnnyk said...

Don't you just love people who effectively dump their lives in your lap, (via email or what have you), with the veiled expectation that you'll direct them towards their life goals and success.

Perhaps that is/sounds a little harsh, (this coming from a Canadian no less). To be honest I have little to no sympathy for people who can't at least "try" to help themselves even just a little by reading, or doing some research, basically any indication that they've attempted to further their own life goals through their own efforts.

Certainly one who has acheived a masters can be capable of this.

Mark said...

Your first reply was nothing less that brilliant! I might have just answered the second email with "yeah."

Anonymous said...

"This coming from a Canadian, no less." Methinketh any American who has had contact with Canadians abroad will be expecting harshness rather than the reverse. Fire away.

Anonymous said...

Well. Probably he misunderstood the famous quote from Woody Allen, that 80 % of the success is showing up :)