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These are feature stories on travel in Taiwan from various local news media that I am logging as a post archive


Taiwan Map Travel Guide
Taiwan's indigenous peoples
Taiwan's Art Museums and Art Market


Wiki Travel on Taipei
Traipse through Taoyuan
Date you in the sunset along Danshuei River embankment

Shei-pa National Park: cradle of Taiwan's majestic peaks
Hsinchu City
Introducing new sites to see in Taiwan's windy city - Hsinchu
The Beauty Hot Spring
Beitou recaptures the tranquility of its glory days
Tribute to Wu Chine-fong-Taiwan's ceramic arts visionary
Sansia reveals its cultural beauty
Discover Hsinchu's Hakka culture
Sansia-the heaven for holidays and agreeable lives
Taoyuan-City of Ponds
Lugu: the home of Dongding Oolong Tea
Lugu boasts a long tradition of tea growing
Taipei Artists Village
Boats and bikes for hire from Dadaocheng Wharf
Tamshui, a pleasant place to visit
The Museum of World Religions in Yungho (my visit here)
The Combat Zone Pub Area in Taipei
The Yingge Ceramics Museumi


Aowanda: forest of dreams

Aowanda park in Nantou seen ideal for summer fun
Sitou and Shanlinsi: paradises for the senses
Gongguan: an idyllic countryside resort
Experience snowfall in May, when beautiful white tung blossoms appear
Alishan National Scenic Area: Taiwan's world-class forest recreation destination
Alishan - land of natural, cultural surprises
Dongshih Forest: family-oriented fun in a natural setting
Enter the traditions of woodcarving in Sanyi
Tianwei Highway Garden--a floral heaven
Turning plums into wine in Sinyi
In search of Sinyi's plum wines
Mala Bay Water Park for summer fun
Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village: a world of thrill and wonder
Jianfusan Fancyworld: a park of color and sensations
Yunlin is famous for its coffee and fun-filled amusement park


Tainan County-the world's orchid capital
Tainan is where ecotourism and history meet
Tainan's attractions show off its rich history
Discover beautiful Taijiang
Maolin National Scenic Area: a place of life, vitality, freedom and relaxation
Reaching the rooftop of Taiwan-Yushan
It's time to cool off at Blue Lagoon Water Park
Pingdong offers water fun and the freshest of seafood


Fall in love with Taidong's hot springs
Stream Tracing in Taroko Gorge
Kenting: the place of white sand beaches, blue skies and azure sea
The beauty of Hualien is unbeatable
Yilan - A County Rife with Folk Arts and Culture
Staying in Yilan
Escape to Yilan
A walk on the historical side of Hualien
Explore Taiwan's first museum of archeology
Taidong offers something for every traveler
The Incomparable Lanyang Fairyland
Bathing leisurely in the secluded hot springs of Hualien
Folklore and Folkgame Festival in Luodong: last three weekends
The Beauty of Hualien and Taidong


Orchid Island

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