Thursday, June 30, 2005

More from the Hatemail stack

Got this in a greeting card the other day. I never went to look, thinking it was spam, but they sent out a reminder today, so I looked. The greeting card was a cowardly way to send hatemail....but I didn't have the right plug-in, so couldn't view the animation. Here's the pic (click for larger view):

The text yowls:

I just read through some part of your website, but I didn't find it tureful. In your website, u black mailed so much of Taiwan.
Common rip-off: many vendors will deliberately attempt to give you the smallest piece of whatever they are buying, especially if you are a regular customer. The best stuff is reserved for new customers. The logic is, if you're a regular, you've been captured, so why should they bother to give you the good stuff?
I felt almost insulted about this paragraph. Maybe some vendors do that, not everyone. Plus many things that you mention in the website, have you ever think about culture difference? Not because you grow up in somewhere else, every other country has to go around your country. You should appreciate what Taiwan has to offer you. If you live there, you have to love it. Otherwise MOVE!


Anonymous said...

At least your reader felt "almost insulted"--imagine what s/he would have done if s/he were really insulted!

Michael Turton said...

Yeah, I thought that line was great. I also liked the novelty of the method of sending it to me.


Jason said...

What's the big deal? EVERYONE knows that no one hates Taiwan more than Michael and his family! Just look at the distain on their faces from their hiking photos. Just look at Michael's absolute lack of knowledge of anything Taiwanese. Does he even know he's in Taiwan?

Anonymous said...

wow, everytime I read a new edition of your hatemail (love it, by the way...) :), I feel so frustrated. I guess all worldly people understand why this is frustrating.

I've never felt that your views on Taiwan are negative. It's just the way it is. If you were writing from North America, maybe instead of writing about how being a regular customer at a business isn't always a good thing, you'd be saying something about how you have to deal with a new 14-year-old employee everytime you want to go shoe shopping. Again, it's just the way it is.

I say install that plug-in, I'm curious what the picture is.

Anonymous said...

...nevermind, I just viewed the card, it's just a 4th of July card ...

Emmy said...

Michael, I just found your website and blog. I LOVE IT! I don't have to agree with everything, but that's the beauty of it all. Keep writing your thoughts! I'll be visiting Taiwan in 2 weeks for the first time.