Saturday, June 04, 2005

Graduation Party...and Karl and Mike Dethroned!

Saying good-bye to good friends.

Today was the graduation party for our seniors at Chaoyang. This was done in the finest local style, with large quantities of food and plenty of KTV action. If the Chinese would airdrop KTVs on the island, they could take it without firing a shot.

Maggie makes the Asian Sign of Picture Taking.

It was great to see my students for one last time, and even better, to see them awake.

Clarisse contemplates the sushi.

And now, dear readers, I am saddened to report that the world has turned upside down. Yes, it is true: Karl and Mike LOST the rematch of Axis and Allies this afternoon to Aaron and Malv in a tense, four-hour affray that left us both devastated.

Malv opens his a diet Coke. Malv's clever plan of plying Mike and Karl with beer while he drank Coke worked like a charm.

While the US dithered and Russian troops poured into European Russia, Aaron and Malv remained calm, cool, and collected. The Germans regrouped and before Karl and Mike knew what had hit them, Japanese armor was entering Siberia. Incredibly, the locals found sashimi and saki to their taste, and the Russians were on the ropes faster than you could say "Comrade Commissar."

Aaron, Karl, and Malv plot behind my back

Soon Karl was wearing that expression one gets when one bites into the stir fried tofu at the veg restaurant, only to discover that the maniac behind the stove has for some insane reason decided to use stinky tofu instead of you tofu. Michael's Brits found themselves unable to get into Europe, a common historical occurrence. Defeated, we called it a night.

Where would you move?

Yes, grown men actually spend an afternoon doing this.

Karl acknowledges the Overlordship of Aaron.

Rumor has it that Karl was last seen drowning his sorrows in a gin joint in Hanoi, while Mike was reported talking to a group of men with red lips, tatoos, and floppies outside of a KTV somewhere in Pingtung. The names "Aaron" and "Malv" were clearly overheard.....

My father-in-law's painting exhibition in Hsinchu is going well. Here is a poster about it, featuring one of his paintings.

In other news, another article of mine has finally been published. The full cite is:

Jane Lee-Hsieh, Chien-Lin Kuo, Hung-Fu Tseng and Michael A. Turton. "Development of an instrument to measure caring behaviors in nursing students in Taiwan." International Journal of Nursing Studies, Volume 42, Issue 5, July 2005, Pages 579-588

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Anonymous said...

Don't worry, big guy. So you lost the world to the evil Axis powers. Sometimes the bad guys have to win!

I'm a big A&A fan. Play with my sons every chance we get.