Thursday, June 02, 2005

Students can be so cool...

My senior class, whom I have taught for four years, sent me this.

Dear Michael:

You are the most important teacher in our life. You are the person who gives us wings to fly.
Now we are going to fly away. There's so much appreciation we want to tell you...

We are going to hold a graduation party. We sincerely invite you to come. Look forward to your coming.

Date: 4th June
Time: 11:30A.M.
Place: Tong-Hai Fish Village
(Near Da-Li Bridage)

Bring your kids together...ha
Sincerely Yours,
AFL4A & 4B


Anonymous said...

That sounds so nice!

Mickey said...

That kind of note must be priceless to a teacher.....:)

STOP_George said...

The Taiwanese students are very thoughtful! It's one of the many reasons I miss Taiwan so much.

Ryan said...

I have received a few letters like this in my time. Just when you think your job is so utterly thankless, something like this happens and you remember why you do it.

I can't wait to return to Taiwan and get back in the saddle.

Anonymous said...

Oh don't get so tickled Turton, the little sleepy heads sent me the same m(a)ssage via mass email. It all has no meaning. Just remember nap times. Go back to South Africa, Ok?


Michael Turton said...

LOL. Actually, they hand wrote that to me. Then Paula copied it for all the teachers. I busted her for it when I walked in to the restaurant. They are such hopeless suck-ups.