Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What do the Believers do when Zion doesn't want them?

Some strange signals coming from the Ma Administration on China policy front as we approach crucial local elections here on The Beautiful Isle. It feels like a general ripple of frustration is rolling across the Administration as China continues its relentless campaign to annex Taiwan. Even a Return to Zion ideologue like the President expressed frustration in a recent interview....
Ma’s warning, made in an interview with Central News Agency, marked the sternest reaction yet to a flare-up between China and Taiwan at the Tokyo International Film Festival last month.

Jiang Ping (江平), the head of the Chinese delegation at the festival, set off consternation in Taiwan after saying Taiwan should participate under the name “Taiwan, China” or “Chinese Taipei.”

“It took us a year and half to work out the Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement [ECFA], which has received widespread praise,” Ma said.

“However, another Jiang Ping incident or two could instantly wipe out the achievement,” he said.

Ma said that despite the improved ties since he came to power in 2008, differences between Taipei and Beijing remain.

“The Jiang Ping incident is simply the tip of an iceberg,” Ma said, without elaborating.

Ma added further down:
“It would be difficult to -improve cross-strait relations” if Taiwanese NGOs keep encountering obstruction by China at international events, Ma said, adding that these organizations are usually among the most active in Taiwan.
One highly publicized incident is "the tip of the iceberg"? Taiwanese NGOs "keep encountering obstruction" from China at international events? Ma kvetching in public?

MOFA also responded to remarks last week by President Hu. Like an old lady pulling in her skirts to gather up her dignity, MOFA said:
Taiwan does not need to consult China on the island's participation in international activities, a Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) official said Tuesday, in response to a comment on the issue by Chinese President Hu Jintao last week.
Sounds firm, eh? But MOFA did say that matters on international participation would be settled by "communication and coordination." And you know that in the Chinese lexicon, coordination means conforming to the wishes of higher authority.

Lien Chan, the former presidential candidate and honorary chairman of the KMT, visited China recently and met with President Hu. AP reported:

A Taiwanese envoy says Chinese President Hu Jintao told him the two sides should establish better communications to avoid "internal strife" over Beijing's claim to the island.

Tuesday's statement by Lien Chan came three weeks after China's delegation at a Japanese film festival demanded that Taiwan participate under the name "China Taiwan". Taiwan refused because the name would suggest it was under China's sway, though the sides split in 1949.

AP reported this as "China wants no sovereignty." Hey, no kidding, really?

What this little minuet reveals, with all its hints of a deep and ongoing campaign -- coming directly from the President! -- is the failure of Ma's "pragmatism" to gain the island any breathing space. ECFA was granted to the Ma Administration because it served the Chinese goal of annexing Taiwan by integrating it more deeply into the Chinese economy. The WHO observership -- the absolute minimum necessary -- was granted as a high profile sop to the Ma Administration's eager service to Beijing. But Ma's "peace" policy has not achieved any real relaxation in the relentless, subterranean war against the island.

What did he expect?

ADDED: Ben's post on same issue from domestic POV.
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Anonymous said...

Personally, I'd believe in the sincerity of Mr. Ma's opprobrium if it. was spoken AFTER these elections. Surely the timing of these statements now must be an campaign ploy.

STOP Ma said...

I'm not buying this faux-disappointment from pandaMa one bit.

He, and those who have the real control, knew full well what they were getting into. They may have not realized that the Chinese would be so stupid as to overtly expose this Trojan horse (which I also find somewhat hard to believe given the history with China). But if you take this public "kvetching" at face value, then I have a bridge in Alaska I'd like to sell you.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what Washington will call Pres. Ma this time when they and their comrades in Beijing belatedly finds out that he's not a pussy as they and many American 'education' experts ( some works for CIA ) here claims he is!

Maybe call Pres. Ma 'the Green Card trouble maker'? LOL!

jeremy valsain

Taiwan Echo said...

Ma and his people only erect before the election, when they need people's votes.

jerome in vals said...

Whenever I am reminded of Lien Chan, I smell red herring.

Talking of which..., 'tis that season when alleyways in Japan are redolent with the mouth-watering, fishy, greasy whiffs of salt-grilled "sanma" (秋刀魚), saury.

Anonymous said...

"jerome in vals said...
Whenever I am reminded of Lien Chan, I smell red herring."

it takes one to smell one!


Howard said...

This article here has it right...

The KMT has been selling out Taiwan to the CCP for a while and ECFA was the cherry on top of it all. Taiwan has received nothing in return except for higher unemployment and more internalvulnerability to Chinese domination.

Howard G. Fass