Friday, November 05, 2010

Sept Senkaku Incident Videos

A friend writes:

"The Japanese coastguard video of the encounter with the Chinese fishing boat and the two minor collisions has now been leaked to Youtube. It's 46 minutes in all - not the 7 minute edited version shown to the 30 members of the Diet. The Government (or someone) had the original removed from Youtube, but a version had already been downloaded before that by the Japanese media and others, and it has now been re-uploaded. One key part has already been subtitled in English at

The full set without translation is at:


The latter videos are also linked at:" (Japanese language)

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jerome in vals said...

I am reminded of the April 1, 2001 Hainan incident:, when a PLAF kamikaze jet collided with an EP-3E Aries II surveillance aircraft.

What was Zhongnanhai hinting at that got D.O.S all in a tizzy over G.W.B's expressed commitment to the defense of Taiwan, following the stand-off with China?

How does that apply now to China's present nemesis, Naoto Kan's Foreign Minister, Seiji Maehara?

When Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshito Sengoku is bent on making Japan a vassal of China, how long can Naoto stand by his foreign minister's sense of country?

Caught between a Sengoku and a Maehara, it is going to be root canal for Kan.

P. S. said...

The one with English translation looked like this to me. Not quite so sinister, IMHO:

J: let's make circles around this guy and yell at him to go away
C: that guy won't leave me alone, I just want to catch some fish over at that island
J: okay, I will get closer and really be insistent, but in an indirect and culturally sensitive way as I am highly trained and he is but a fisherman
C: I see fish over there on the left! If I turn left juuuuuuust so, I'll be able to get to my fish and leave this guy behind
J: oh my! he is not responding in the way in which I desire!


C: oi! Let's just get some fish, here.

Anonymous said...

the japanese coast guard ship is so big , maybe 6-7x than the small blue prc boat! hard to imagine a nissan march deliberately bumping
a 2-ton gravel truck!

unless it also have toyota-like brake problems! lol!

the video only showed the teeny blue boat trying to maneuver away scared stiff! no actual point of impact visible.

at the end of the day japan should be aware that it's not about the boats after all!

jerome in vals said...

Anon10:30am, your lack of photographic litteracy is obvious.

The Chinese trawler in the background seems tiny only in proportion to the railing of the Japanese coastguard in the foreground.

Besides, who cares about scales when the Chinese pirate obviously rammed into a Japanese cost-guard ship in JAPANESE WATERS.

I lived in both Taiwan and Japan. It would never have occurred to me that I should ram into a patrol car when flagged down for an identity or an alcohol test. Even less so if I had known I was illegally in Japan.

I dare you getting into China with your ROC passport and dangling a ROC or KMT flag from the balcony of Nanking city hall while blaring into a loud-speaker that Nanking is ROC capital city.

Then, try your kungfu kicks on the law enforcement agents come to arrest you.

You are another "are taqi-taqi minkuk suan". Only on USMG-occupied Taiwan that foul-mouthed breed is allowed to fester.

Anonymous said...

"Only on USMG-occupied Taiwan that foul-mouthed breed is allowed to fester."

jerome in vals is a very good and clear example of the above !