Monday, November 29, 2010

Random Photos from a busy week

On Wednesday night last week I went over to Legacy at Huashan Culture Park to see Chairman, the famous Taiwan band that was "basically Su Tseng-chang's house band" as my friend put it, during the recent election in Taipei. Here is a singer from one of the warm up bands.

Walking home.

The Linkou station on the new metro line that runs out of Taipei toward the airport.

My neighbor runs into me in the local market.

If there is a true miracle food, the humble potato is it.

Went hiking on trail 8 in Ta-ken the other day.

A local candidate greets people entering the market.

A lean-to where a local farmer rests.

My daughter and her teacher work on my daughter's latest masterpiece.

I know you've been pining away for spider pics.

My daughter's fellow students.

Taiwan may be the kingdom of the butterflies, but we have a lot of moths as well.

Lead guitar and lead singer of Chairman. ADDED: A commenter pointed out I didn't have any link to their stuff. Here's a vid on Youtube.

My son also enjoys painting.

Hard to believe we breathe this stuff.

A shrine on the trail.

You can get anything you want here. And if he doesn't have it, he'll run and get it for you.

Rockin' out the house on Wed.

Dongshih against the central mountain range.

Street cleaning.

A train pulls out of Fengyuan station.

Walking home.
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Anonymous said...

Excellent pictures!!!

Okami said...

A heartfelt thank you for no pics of guys in biker shorts.

RJ said...

Enjoyed it greatly! Looking forward to living in the neighborhood soon.

Anonymous said...

"Hard to believe we breathe this stuff." Yeah, what's with the smoke recently? We had over a week of unbreathable air on Dadushan... It's just now getting a little better.

Michael Turton said...

Some of the haze is due to dust from the rivers, the dams make it worse. If it doesn't rain the winds scoop it up... and the rain doesn't wash away the pollution from the cars etc.