Monday, November 01, 2010

Daily Links Nov 1, 2010

Tea farms in Chiayi.

November already. Let's take a look at today's blog harvest....

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MB said...

Thanks for the link, Michael. I really regret that we weren't able to connect (and regret, even more, my rudeness in falling out of touch while I was there). It was a completely insane schedule we were on - so much so that I still remember the exact two hours where we had nothing on the schedule.

Anonymous said...

Taiwan's baseball team has no cajones at all. They're like the Twins of international baseball. it's not "are they gonna fold in the big game" it's "when are they gonna fold in the big game".

This will come as a complete shock to those who live in Taiwan, but it starts with the coaches--self satisfied, ossified, too busy worrying about their egos and side deals to learn anything or make adjustments, too slow to make changes.

Dixteel said...

"Confucian classics are for Ma what the Bible was for George Bush."

lol That is a classic.

D said...

Question: Japan responds to Russian president's visit to the Kuril islands by saying that it "hurts the feelings of the Japanese people" ( That's the familiar PRC rhetoric of indignation. So is this "hurt the feelings of the X people" a standard diplomatic phrase, or did Japan absorb it from China, or does it have a more complex history? Anyone here know?

It doesn't answer the question, but here's a little history of "China's hurt feelings":