Wednesday, November 17, 2010

River Riding

Had a lot of fun riding the other day along the Dajia River, which I haven't done in a year. I caught a fly directing some ants at work.

Probably fishing for tilapia.

We took an iPhone break on the old RR bridge.

The Shihgang Dam.

A bridge plastered with campaign flags.

The 921 memorial at the dam, which was severely damaged in the quake.

The reservoir behind the dam.

Virginia, my riding buddy, displays breakfast and lunch.

Another converted RR bridge on the bike path.

A converted railroad tunnel now serves as part of a bike path.

The sweep of stone on the river would be beautiful if someone hadn't dumped so much concrete on it. Here's a rare clean spot.

Road crews at work in Tanzi.

A cacaphony of signs on 3 north of Taichung. I've reached the point where I want the election to be over so I can go back to a normal life. Only...wait...isn't there a legislative election next year?
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phsu said...

beautiful, as usual. love "riding along" from across the ocean