Tuesday, November 23, 2010

DPP ad footage: the future is in your hands

"The future -- is in your hands". Tugs at all the heartstrings. At the beginning it uses audio and video footage of Chinese claiming Taiwan is Chinese in some way, culminating in that shrill attack by Annexation Barbie at the film festival in Japan, with the claim 'I am Taiwanese!' in response, then it becomes an ad showing the DPP candidates. Pretty damn good. Nice ending with the double meaning: the future is in the hands of the 5 DPP candidates -- and in the hands of you, the voter.
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Anonymous said...

Really awesome film! But this is not a DPP ad, only used DPP footage.

Real tear jerker, I haven't been this touched and moved in a long time. Of all the campaign ads I've seen, this really evokes pride and resonance.

Michael Turton said...

So wait -- it is not a real ad but a compilation of ads?

I really need to get cable.

Anonymous said...

Yes, not a real ad, compilation of DPP ads.

On youtube, the real ddp publisher I think is called DPPsng

Marc said...

I was getting choked up and I don't even understand the language!

Anonymous said...

What???? They have studiously avoided playing up the national identity issue the entire campaign. Now they bring it out in the last week? How does this fit into their campaign strategy?

Michael Turton said...

What???? They have studiously avoided playing up the national identity issue the entire campaign. Now they bring it out in the last week? How does this fit into their campaign strategy?

Don't worry, it's a compilation, not a real ad.

Marc said...

How is this a compilation if it has a connected narrative/message? I think this is indeed a real ad - our house thinks so, anyway

Anonymous said...

I like the step forward the candidates make at the end. Very subtle.

Rust said...

Michael, if you want to look at real DPP ad, you can go to their official website & those of the respective candidates.


Their ads these days has been pitching for the neutral voters.

blobOfNeurons said...

compilation of ads

No wonder it get "blinking" in and out. It's actually kind of nauseating because it cuts out too fast and gives it a "pulsating" look.

Anonymous said...

The comment from the fan-boy/author is interesting... apparently he's from a different alternate universe.

"我只想找回 祖先給我們的精神和勇氣,四百年來臺灣不倒的原因,就是勇氣..."

"I'm just trying to re-discover the spirit and courage that our ancestors passed onto us. The reason Taiwan hasn't fallen for 400 years, is courage."


Anonymous said...

Anyway I like it more than the ones of KMT. I wish DPP will win, even in Taichung.
J'aime bien le DPP.

Dixteel said...

Hmm...pretty good. Even though I don't like emotional trailer in general but I think it's nice. Putting both history and the future in perspective.

Dixteel said...

Oh yea, the music is from Armageddon right? pretty good choice lol

jerome in vals said...

"The Future Is In Your Hands" strikes me as manga-tic and anime-like in its format and narrative.

Being illiterate in those genres, I'll leave it to somebody steeped in the culture to parse for us the editing and attribute each scene to the relevant manga series or anime and its author.

Up to the challenge anybody? I'd really appreciate your input.

Jade said...

I hope it touches everyone's heart as much as it does mine.

Anonymous said...

"I'm just trying to re-discover the spirit and courage that our ancestors passed onto us. The reason Taiwan hasn't fallen for 400 years, is courage."

I think he's just saying how since the beginning of the Han Chinese immigration to Taiwan staring 400 years ago, Taiwan has been ruled by foreign/outside powers: Portuguese, Spanish, Ming general, Ching dynasty, Japanese, and now Nationalists.

Finally Taiwanese has realized our distinctiveness and the fact that only Taiwanese ourselves will genuinely look out for our own best interests. China is simply too big and too corrupt and power-hungry to be good to Taiwan.

The spirit and courage in my opinion is the pioneering spirit to leave all behind (in China and elsewhere) to come to Taiwan to start a new life and set up a new home. Leave behind a world that's unbearable to come to Taiwan where there's a new hope. I imagined that in a lot of ways people came to Taiwan for many of the same reasons that the first white Americans risked their lives to cross the Atlantic to come the US and Americas.

Of course some people came to Taiwan begrudgingly or as pirates, but most people don't like to leave their homeland, familiar and familial environment to come to a foreign place like Taiwan originally occupied by aboriginals. 400 years ago the shipping technology is so bad that a turbulent water like the Taiwan Strait is dangerous.

So over 400 years is the sense of awakening of Taiwanese as a nation of people with a common destiny and the bond of brotherhood.

After that narrative of 400 years the narrator reads off some people who were past Taiwanese democratic activists fighting for human rights, equality, and representation from the powers on Taiwan. Like during the Japanese era Taiwanese leaders circulated newspapers about local self-rule representative council from the Japanese rulers.

Ok so that's how I interpreted it.

Anonymous said...

Okay, so I asked the video maker point-blank that if the video is made by or for DPP.
He responded:
你好,是小弟的製作,我參考了滿多不同時期的廣告,再剪輯過,我 確實不是DPP黨員,我跟大家一樣就只是個普通的老百姓,一個平 凡的臺灣人,我也沒有必要為了DPP去做這支影片,對我有什麼好 處?我純粹是對於現在政府的軟弱感到失望,希冀藉由這支影片有所 改變!
Hi, it's me dude who made this video, I referenced a lot of ads from different periods and cut and edited them. I'm really not a member of DPP, I'm like everyone else- a simple civilian, a simple Taiwanese, and I don't have to make this video for DPP, I get no benefit from making it. I'm simply showing my disappointment for the current government's spineless wimpy stance, and hoping that through this video I can make a difference!

SY said...

Don't know if you guys are aware that the Open Taipei Music Collection has been pretty popular among music lovers.

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Since it went to the market in late September,

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3. One of the songs is available on YouTube: Open Taipei: Here to stay