Monday, April 14, 2014

Weekend in the hills: the Miaoli 54-1 and Dongchi Road

On the 54-1 above the tombs.

Two days of excellent sunny weather. I decided to see what the Miaoli 54-1 is like and have a long-anticipated meet up with Scott E. Click on READ MORE as always...

ROUTE NOTES: To find the Miaoli 54-1, follow Zhongzheng Road north out of Jhuolan town. Soon it will become the 54-1. The road rises ever more steeply through the cemetery just over a kilometer to the top of the ridge. After resting at the temple there, and taking in the great views over the Jhuolan basin, you spend the remaining 7 kilometers of this road rolling through farms and past the reservoir. Not a meter of it is flat, but none of the climbs are difficult. Pavement is just ok and the road is covered with leaf and branch detritus in places, avoid if rain is expected/occurring/has occurred.

The 54-1 heading out of town.

The road climbs up through a cemetery.

Some great Taiwan farming country along this road.

Resting at the top and enjoying the excellent views. It was still early in the morning and the valley had not hazed over.

Then it's wheeeee downhill....

...followed by umphhhh uphill.

The road eventually winds past the reservoir. Here water birds rest in an arm of the reservoir.

The 54-1 runs through farms the whole way, and past the small aboriginal community of Shuanglien.

Sunday I met up with Scott Ellinger after a race, a former special forces officer who has spent many years in Taiwan working for the US government. Scott here shows the most important tool of military efficiency.

Naturally I took him for a leisurely ride on the lovely and easy Dongchi Road. Hope to see you on these roads someday!
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