Friday, April 11, 2014

Call for Papers on Youth Politics

I'm going to take a couple of days off to bike. Emotionally drained and burned out from the events of the last few weeks. But here's an important call for papers.

Lilies, Strawberries, and Sunflowers: In search of papers on Taiwan youth politics” CALL FOR PAPERS

I am organizing a panel on youth politics in Taiwan for the American Association for Chinese Studies annual conference, and I need a couple more papers. Given what’s going on in Taiwan these days, there must be people who want to write on this topic. If you are working in this field, or know of colleagues or students who are (or could be inspired to do so), please let send me names and contact information so I can reach out to them. A graduate student could start working now and have a great paper in hand in time for the conference, which will take place October 10-12 in Washington, DC (at George Washington University). There is travel money available for grad students to attend the conference.

Cheers – Shelley
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Anonymous said...

You're not alone in feeling stressed out. Social media are good for some things, but peace of mind isn't one of them. Have a good ride!