Sunday, April 06, 2014

Leisurely time out of Meinong

Drew of Taiwan in Cycles rocks down the enjoyable 27.

Saturday Drew of Taiwan in Cycles and I headed out to Meinong in Kaohsiung county city Municipality for a small exploration of the roads and hills north of the city. There's a lot out there, and we're already planning a return. Drew's post is here. Click READ MORE....

ROUTE NOTES: This route was done as a loop heading north out of Meinung. A leisurely ride since both of us were tired. We parked in Zhongtan just a km south of Meinong town proper. We took the 181 out of town towards Jiaxian, picking up the 21. Pleasant riding in enjoyable farm and town country. The incline is very gentle. From Jiaxian on the 20 it is 15 kms over the hills to the river. The 20 is kms of climbing up a very easy grade in two big steps to about 600 meters to the Liugui township line, then 7 kilometers of downhill to Laonong on the east side. There is nothing on that road, so if you want water/snacks, stock up in Jiaxian. Liugui town ("central Liugui") is still a few kms down the road. Lunch in Liugui. Take the 27 on the east side of the river, the views are much better and the road is much nicer. Roughly 80-85 kms in total, with about 700 meters of climbing. A good light day. Once you cross the Liugui township line, it's basically 40 kms of downhill to Meinong.

Girding for the day's ride.

Meinong town in the morning. Looked to be a perfect day, heating up at midday but not unbearably. The haze was bad, however.

The tunnel at the top of the 181 out of Meinong town.

The 181 is quite nice.

Bucolic farming scenery on the 181.

Drew passes a campaign poster.

On the 21 heading to Jiaxian.

A variety of crops, including low altitude teas, can be seen along both rivers.

A very nice ride, the 21.

Crossing the bridge into Jiaxian town. The next 7-11 is in Laonong on the other side of the hills.

Jiaxian is crowded with vendors all selling the same stuff. In many cases all over Taiwan, the stalls are all owned by the same person.

The 20 leaving Jiaxian. This road is pretty along its entire (short) length and full of hawks, birds, and the occasional monkey, and for its altitude, has probably the easiest grade of any climb in that part of Taiwan.

The 20.

Drew rockets downhill.

As we entered Laonong on the other side of the hills, we encountered performers making an offering to the temple god. I captured this important cultural moment.

Arriving in Liugui for lunch.

We lunched in Liugui and then crossed the river and got on the 27 on the west side. It's not a long stretch of road, but it's wonderful.

Drew enjoys the 27.

The west side of the river has some striking formations.

This is the season of cherry tomatoes, and the vendors were selling them by the ton.

We got back to Meinong, celebrated with ice cream bars, and tossed the bikes in the cars. Great time. Hope to have you on the next one!
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