Monday, April 07, 2014

BREAKING: LY Occupation to end on Thurs at 6 pm =UPDATED=

Students are holding presser at the moment. LY occupation to end on Thursday at 6 pm.

Ian Rowen sent this around Facebook:

BREAKING: Chen Wei-Ting announces that the Sunflower Movement has achieved significant progress in the pursuit of its goals. The world has heard the news. Students are already forming a new organization to hold legislators to their promises to the people. The occupation of the Legislative Yuan will end this Thursday at 6pm. All are welcome to gather before the end. Lin Feifan answers question, explains that students will clean up after themselves, should support each other through possible political persecution, and are open to future reflection.

Taiwan Voice explained:

At a press conference Monday night at 8:00 p.m., the student leaders announced that their student movement has evolved to a state of becoming a citizens' movement. They also asserted that the occupation of the Legislative Yuan was one of many actions they are ready to take. The Sunflower Movement has most definitely not stopped.

More, they have satisfied the following demands:

(1) Regulations for cross strait agreement monitoring: The Citizen's version of the cross strait agreement monitoring draft bill has been sent into the Legislative Yuan. The Executive Yuan has also sent their version.

(2) Pass the cross strait agreement monitoring act before passing the trade pact: Wang Jing-Pyng promised to not hold any negotiation between the KMT and the opposition parties.

(3) Hold a citizen's constitutional meeting: Students and citizens group already held Grassroot Citizen Constitutional Forum on April 6, and used the decisions made during the meeting to hold a forum inside the Legislative Yuan on April 8th. The movement has already provided the results of the citizen's constitutional meeting to society.

(4) Retract the Trade Pact: According to the meeting on March 24 in the the Legislative Yuan, the Legislators have agreed to request the Executive Yuan to retract the trade pact and re-initiate negotiation. The Legislative Yuan will continue dealing with this issue.

Students also added that the whole of Taiwanese society has become a legislative chamber. The students will face all legal ramifications for their actions as they stand resolutely behind them.

Photo taken on the scene outside of the Legislative Yuan as protesters watch Lin Fei-fan's announcement.

UPDATE: South China Morning Post reports.

UPDATE: FocusTaiwan short report

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STOP Ma said...

From the TT:

"However, Ma and Jiang both reiterated that the legislature should continue its review of the service trade agreement while it deliberates the proposed legislation on establishing a monitoring mechanism for cross-strait negotiations.

If an oversight bill has to be enacted before the cross-strait service trade agreement can be reviewed, “we can only expect to see the economy decline” from now until 2016 because it could take as long as two years to pass the bill, Jiang said."

Looks like one of their demands has already been reinterpreted (compromised) by PandaMa and Jiang. Although, this was already stated before the students decided to leave the LY.

I'm having a hard time believing that Wang's promise will have any affect on this trade pact. And doesn't the current monitoring proposal have the ridiculous clause that if a trade agreement is not reviewed within a few months, then the agreement is automatically passed?

How is this acceptable?

Anonymous said...

Occupy LY is never a sustainable strategy. The current outcome is the best that we can get right now.

For democracy to work, people need to be actively participate and pay attention to what government is doing. "Sunflower" movement is just a start. these students galvanize a lot people to join the process.

The trade pack is nothing. We are in process of making democracy work in Taiwan. This will take times and effort. We should be happy that it is moving forward forward.