Monday, April 14, 2014


Taiwan wants Modi in the election, according to the Economic Times, from whence this came.
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Anonymous said...

And so the story goes on, one person's economic pragmatist is another's ethno-nationalist:

Michael Turton said...

Yup. Yup. Yup.

Mike Fagan said...

Nobody gets to disdain PC "discourse control" more than me. However...

Whilst you can see why Muslims would be annoyed at Modi's comment about run over puppies, it is merely another example of the use of animals - particularly dogs - as metaphors to evoke a political dislike of this or that.

A Taiwanese friend of mine just told me the other night about her boyfriend rhetorically asking about some show about South Koreans: "Why are there "dogs" on TV?"

You yourself have labelled various government agreements and projects as "absolute dogs".

I find this disgusting.

I don't see the appeal of this kind of language unless it is because the authors feel the need to express a visceral hatred but without being seen to use "actual" swear words - because, you know, that might offend somebody. Yet to animals and children only belongs innocence.

I would much rather call someone a "stunning c*nt", and a disliked policy as a "cunning stunt" for instance, than to invoke a comparison to innocent animals who want nothing more than someone to look after them. And whilst the C-word may have been used to refer to a woman's genitalia several centuries ago, it no longer has that common-use meaning.

Michael Turton said...

{bewildered} Who the fuck are you talking to? Where did this conversation come from? Are you on the right blog?

Mike Fagan said...

Anon above links to an article in the economist concerning Modi and the Indian election. It argues against Modi on the grounds that he is anti-Muslim. Cue story about him regarding slaughtered Muslims with the same pity he would regard a "run over puppy".

My point is a simple one: there is no need to invoke innocent creatures in spiteful mud-slinging against people and things you don't like.

Hari(何瑞理) said...

I must admit, that's the first time I see the Taiwan being referred like a sovereign nation -- 'Taiwanese Ambassador'. Perhaps it's in India's strategic interests given its position towards China. But it does feel nice. I'm sure my Taiwanese wife will be very pleased. And me too, in a little way, being an Indian.

On the topic itself, I was at an event organized by Indian mission here early this year and had a chance to have a long chat with the local corps. There's a real plan to increase Indo-Taiwan trade and they were seeking help from established Indians here to assist them with various trade delegations that they plan to organize. Will be interesting to see how it progresses. If Modi manages to make it to the helm, given his business friendly record, expect to see some real action on this front.

BTW, do you know which other nations, outside of those 'bought' by Taiwan's diplomacy, refer to Taiwan in a similar way?.